Testimonials | Cherish FertilityCare

Brigitte at Cherish FertilityCare is very professional. We have tried to achieve pregnancy for two years; she is alway patience and willing to listen and answer our questions. We would recommend her to anyone is struggling with their fertility issues.
Brigitte is very thorough, but gentle and encouraging in her sessions.  Even though I live 3 hours away and would do all my appointments by phone call, I was able to learn the Creighton Method very easily with her guidance.  She is a very nice person.  I always looked forward to our calls
Kristie W
I found Brigitte to be straightforward in her explanations. I felt that I could ask any kind of question and that it was always taken seriously. I felt that Brigitte ensured that I felt comfortable with my observations before turning me loose on my own and I always knew that I could contact her between consultations for any questions or clarifications I had. I appreciated her open friendly manner.
Renata W
My experience with Brigitte’s services was excellent. She is knowledgeable and precise on giving information needed to learn the process. It was a pleasure to work with Brigitte. I do recommend her services.
Creighton method teachings and charting system gives you the freedom to better understand your cycle but also the ability to be open to gods plan in all areas of your life.
Marlene & Dan Bulbrook
OK Fertility (Brigitte) provided my wife and I with valuable knowledge. Brigitte taught us the Creighton Method of NFP, not only making us aware of our fertility, but strengthening our communication skills.
Angela B
Brigitte is very encouraging, supportive, understanding and easy to talk to. We have been blessed with a son and we are expecting our 2nd child very soon thanks to all the help we received from Brigitte and NaproTechnology.
Kimberly Hohmann
Brigitte Diemand is a caring professional that has made a huge difference in my life.  Her expertise with a clear and easy to understand way of communicating makes it simple for anyone to start learning more about their body for good health and happy living. Thanks Brigitte!!!!!!
Ana and Daniel Garcia-Moreno4/21/2015
Brigitte helped us to get back on track with Natural Family Planning after three pregnancies where we had had no follow ups. She is always very professional, knowledgeable and caring. Thanks Brigitte!
Kurt and Carly Zolmer4/29/2013
Brigitte has been such an amazing and supportive teacher since we started the Creighton method. Being a new couple using the Creighton method, Brigitte made us feel completely comfortable from the very beginning and continued to be supportive, knowledgeable and available throughout. Thanks Brigitte!
Kim McPhedran4/21/2013
“Without Brigitte’s incredible insight, professionalism, and technical understanding of the Creighton Model and Fertility Care, I would not have been able to finally seek help for many health issues I had been searching for answers for years. She has always been there to answer questions and encourage me through this process, identifying issues right away. I have complete trust in her knowledge and capabilities, and she is very approachable. As Dr. Hilgers, the founder of the Creighton Model and NaproTechnology, said when I told him Brigitte was my practioner: “She’s good. She’s really good.” We are now expecting our first child, thanks to Creighton and NaproTechnology.”
Marianne Wilke
When I was learning how to chart my cycle, Brigitte was always very patient with me and encouraging.  When I had questions, her answers were clear and never rushed.