About Brigitte

Hi!   I am a certified fertility care practitioner and supervisor teaching in English and French but allow me to tell you WHY I choose this unique career path.

When my then fiance, Tony and I were engaged,  we were introduced to the Creighton Model FertilityCare System as a way to plan our future family together.  I was thrilled because I didn’t want to use the birth control pill for the potential side effects I had heard about.  At the young age of 21 we didn’t really have much knowledge of what else was available out there so we went for it.

The system helped us to know every day whether we were fertile or not and it was up to us on how to use it.

As we started learning the system our practitioner told us that because of the way my cycles were I had the potential to miscarry all of our future children.  I thought to myself, that’s crazy, how can she tell that just from my chart?

We are so very thankful because once we decided to start a family a few years into our marriage,  we were able to get the medical support of NaProtechnology to maintain our first and second pregnancies.

Unfortunately for our third pregnancy, I didn’t get the hormonal support in time and we miscarried our daughter. We knew very early on that I was pregnant and I had made plans for the next nine months and what life would be like with our third child. I was devastated, angry, and sad.   I closed myself off emotionally to my husband, family, and friends.  It wasn’t until a year later, on the anniversary of our baby girl’s miscarriage that I really came to terms with what happened and realized that I did need support.  Some people’s comments were also very hurtful even though well-intentioned during that time.

We have truly been blessed and now have four children all because we learned  the system and were able to get the help we needed.

So, I am now a practitioner 20 years and counting  because I want to help people feel understood and supported when they are dealing with a tragedy like miscarriage or perhaps with another gynecological health issue like endometriosis or just learn how their bodies work.  I also furthered my education and have been training new practitioners worldwide for the last 12 years.



Brigitte Diemand, CFCS, CFCP