Fairhaven Health

This company is ideal for all things fertility, pregnancy, breastfeeding & women’s health!  It is so nice to have a one stop shop where I can recommend all of their products are being effective & useful.

They offer so much I can write about them forever.

I appreciate that they have quality science-based products developed by medical specialists in women and men’s health and fertility.

Let me know what your needs are and I will recommend the best products for you if I haven’t already done so.


Proov is FDA approved as a new urine progesterone test to confirm ovulation in women at home!  Is amazing that the test only takes 5 minutes to complete.

Proov’s “greatest mission & passion is helping women become empowered when it comes to their unique cycles, which – let’s be real for a second – can feel so elusive & even confusing at times.”  Proov is helpful for those who wish to conceive, have PCOS (polycystic ovarian disease) & for cycle charting.

Proov was designed to help monitor ovulation to aid in conception.  It will not predict ovulation however.

Why do I recommend Proov? This is a unique urine only test that measures PdG (the urine metabolite of progesterone).  Sustained elevated levels of PdG can confirm that ovulation has successfully occurred without needing to get a blood draw.  Since the Covid-19 virus is making it difficult for many to get blood work done this is a great alternative and cost effective.


Our skin is our biggest receptor of toxins.  Whatever we put onto our skin gets absorbed into the body, so I love recommending Arbonne skin & health care products.  Our entire family uses Arbonne’s products, but I especially like the baby product line because it is so gentle.

I have been using them myself for several years and am so happy.  I have very sensitive skin & allergies and would have to change hand cream every 2-3 months because I would get eczema.  I was introduced to Arbonne in 2013 and have used their skin care products since with no reactions!

Arbonne was recently Certified as a B Corp which is the highest standard for a company to achieve. A Certified B Corporation is a business that meets stringent standards of social & environmental performance, transparency & legal accountability.  There’s nothing better than supporting an ethical company.

Kangen Water systems

Water is essential to mucus creation not to mention we need water to survive.  We’ve owned a Kangan Water Filteration System for several years and I am so happy my husband pushed me to get one.  I know consider myself a water snob ;). I drink a lot of water and the way it tastes is important to me not only for taste but the health of my family and myself.

Additionnally this water system creates other types of water that range from alkaline water to acidic water.  I use the alkaline water to wash fruits and vegetables to take off pesticides, soaps and dirt.  The acidic water is useful for disinfecting and cleaning my home.  I’d love to share more information with you, just ask!


Have you heard of Jeunesse?  I love sharing great products with people.  There’s many to choose from but I can recommend things specifically for you.  I’ve been drinking Monavie juice and taking Finiti to help me deal with the stress of Covid-19 and how it’s affecting my life.  I appreciate the research & science behind their products.  I don’t use makeup often but the spray on NV Primer does work and gives a beautiful glow.  Jeunesse has many products to help combat oxides, stress, promote cell growth and regeneration.  It’s exciting to have so many excellent products to meet everyone’s needs.